Providing Precast Solutions in Ontario

Stairs & Landings

High-quality precast concrete stairs and landings.

Pre-Con Concrete Stairs and Landings make things simple. With Precast, the stairs and landings are manufactured off-site, removing the additional steps and risks associated with cast-in-place. Our stairs and landings are dropped in place, and provide quicker access to the other floors as a result.

There are also many more options for architectural finishes with precast as well; where more complicated finishes such as sand-blasting become much less complicated when produced in the controlled setting of a plant. The same goes for the level of quality assurance which comes from precast versus site cast stairs and stair towers.


Features & Benefits:

  • Design Flexibility

  • Durability

  • Quality

  • Superior Finish

  • Quick Install



  • Multi-family Buildings

  • Multi-Storey Commercial Buildings

  • Multi-Storey Institutional Buildings

  • Multi-Storey Industrial Buildings

  • Part of the Total precast solution, contributes to the faster construction of buildings.


Manufactured year-round, in a controlled environment.


BMO Field Expansion:

  • Canada’s first soccer-specific stadium, BMO Field underwent various renovations during the winter of 2014/2015 to accommodate the growing number of soccer fans who pack the stadium all...MORE

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