Providing Precast Solutions in Ontario

Seniors Housing

A complete precast building solution for long-term care and retirement communities.

Pre-Con has a critical role to play in providing a sustainable building for seniors housing. With the amounting pressures of many provincial and federal health services to fulfill a growing demand in continuing care beds, Pre-Con has created a total precast solution that allows owners and operators to provide continuing care beds 30% faster than conventional construction.

As an active partner in Continuing Care market, we take the job of constructing the future homes of Ontarians seriously. To ensure quality of life, we strive to build faster, safer, secure and more efficient buildings for Independent Living, Long-Term Care (LTC), Designated Support Living (DSL).

Our complete precast buildings are:

More economically competitive – Both on the upfront initial construction cost and the future maintenance and operational costs

More environmentally conservative -  Reduces energy consumption by meeting or exceeding energy codes

More socially impactful – By providing a solution that impacts the health system and society overall by providing seniors a safe and healthy residence faster than conventional construction methods


Features & Benefits:

  • Quick Install - Seniors care building can be built (200,000 sf of building -250 units) in 4 months  

  • Design flexibility – Open floor plans and flexibility attune to changing units and floors of Seniors Care facilities

  • Prestressed - wall panels can be optimized dimensionally and reduce cracking

  • Durability - Concrete design mixes are selected for its low chloride penetration (permeability) and hence improve durability when installed in aggressive environments

  • Quality - Follows rigorous Pre-Con Quality System Manual which meet or exceed CSA and CPCI standards   

  • Finishes - Finishes are done under controlled environment and under tight quality standards



  • Continuing Care Facilities

  • Retirement Communities