Providing Precast Solutions in Ontario

Insulated Architectural Precast Panel

Precast sandwiches the insulation and can be aesthetically customized.

Each panel consists of two reinforced precast concrete wythes with a continuous layer of insulation sandwiched in between. With a selection of patterns, surface treatments and colour choices our insulated precast/prestressed wall panel system offers an economical opportunity for our clients to incorporate their unique corporate identity into their office, warehouse or retail space.


Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs meeting high efficiency standards

  • Strong, energy-efficient cladding system

  • Rapid construction capability

  • Available as load-beating or non-load bearing

  • Variety of architectural textures and colours available



  • Residential Buildings

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Institutional Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Total Precast – a comprehensive solution that can further enhance the value proposition when used in an “Pre-Con Precast Total Precast Solution”


Manufactured year-round, in a controlled environment.


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