Providing Precast Solutions in Ontario

BEBO Concrete Arches

BEBO arches are precast component bridging systems that provide great strength in relatively light concrete shell structures.

First tested in 1965, the BEBO arch capitalizes on soil-structure interaction between the reinforced concrete arch/foundations and the surrounding fill. Spans range from 3.66m to 31m, and are uniquely capable of ultra low-profile geometries – with span-to-rise ratios as low as 10:1. The versatility of the system makes it attractive for a multitude of applications. BEBO structures are manufactured and sold under a licensing agreement with BEBO A.G. of Zurich, Switzerland.

Features & Benefits

•Virtually maintenance free
•Elimination of deck icing
•Granular backfill material
•Fast, on-site installation
•Designed and fabricated by Pre-Con to optimize cost savings