Providing Precast Solutions in Ontario

ARCIS Ultra-Thin Precast Panels

Innovative technology provides a versatile, lightweight precast panel

•Light weight provides cost savings
•Modular configuration allows for incredible flexibility
•Resilient and non-combustible materials
•Uncompromised aesthetic performance

These panels will forever change the way you think about architectural precast. Boasting depths from 0.75 inches (19mm) to 2 inches (51mm), innovative patented ARCIS ultra-thin precast prestressed technology provides a versatile, lightweight panel that offers the strength of concrete without compromising aesthetic versatility.

Thinner, lower-weight panels allow for a lower-cost superstructure, smaller and less expensive cranes or lifts for installation, reduced shipping expenses and more usable space. All the while, the modular flexibility allows designers to remove a panel to add a door or cut in a window opening. On-site, crews can add penetrations and cut holes with conventional tools - or replace a single panel if needed. Few enclosure systems can offer this flexibility and capability.

Dream big - ARCIS panels are custom manufactured with exacting details following ASTM and PCI MNL 117 specifications. Popular precast finishes such as sandblasting, acid etching and polishing are possible. Reveals, insets and colors can be provided through the use of form liners and pigmented concrete.